Shooting Epic Landscapes: Improve The Foreground

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If you are looking to improve your photography, then look no further than your foregrounds – quite literally! The foreground is often what separates flat, snapshot images from spectacular, exceptional photos.

Getting the foreground right can help to transform your images into a beautiful works of art. Take, for example, those photos that you find in photography magazines; most make great use of foregrounds. Images with a strong foreground will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into the scene, and are there in-person.

But while foregrounds play an important role in landscapes, all too often they’re overlooked. It’s easy to forget about the foreground when there’s a beautiful sunset unfolding before your eyes, or when you’re trying to capture a stunning mountain peak. But it’s worth taking a few extra seconds to look for some interesting foreground elements for your photo. Doing so will set the stage for the composition and help you to capture images with more depth and dimension.

If you’d like to take your photos to a whole new level, here are some tips to help you improve your foregrounds, and, in turn – your photos.

Look for Leading Lines

When strategically placed in a composition, leading lines are an excellent way to direct attention on towards the focal point. Leading lines don’t have to be straight; diagonal or curved lines work too – as long as they lead the eye through the image or on towards the main focal point. Lines don’t even have to be literal lines, eye-catching elements and points of interest that help to guide your eye through the image will work as well.

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