Five Composition Tricks for Capturing Simpler and Stronger Landscape Photos

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What makes a strong composition? Let’s talk about how you can achieve striking landscape photos in which less is more. Here’s a practical set of tips for minimizing clutter.

1. Clean Up Your Foregrounds

When you’re really close to your foreground (and I mean close to minimum focus distance of your lens), the foreground becomes a prominent part of your wide-angle landscapes. So why not spend some time to clean up your foreground a little? When we’re this close, all those bright, dead blades of grass that point in every conceivable direction work as neon signs that read “Look here, now.”

Take for example a strong foreground, rich with colorful wildflowers. Pebbles, debris, and dead plants can and will distract from your flowers and sometimes even compete with the mountains in the background.

Take note of the brightest parts in your foreground. Especially those small specks of dead grass and unfortunately placed rocks. Then decide if they can physically be removed without harming the environment. If not, then the Clone tool in Photoshop is your friend.

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