6 Things You Need to Know for Long Exposure by Filter

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2. ND filter

Aperture2.8     Shutter Speed1.6       ISO100      TypePhantom 3 Professional/ND64

A neutral density (ND) grey filter will reduce the amount of light coming to the sensor of your camera. ND filters are sometimes used by drone pilots while filming to smooth out the video in bright light conditions. However they are also useful in still photography to achieve longer exposure times. I use the PolarPro ND64 (available for Phantom 3, Phantom 4 standard and Inspire 1). The ND64 reduces shutter speed by 6 stops. This will not be enough in bright light in the middle of the day. About half an hour before sunset however, I could achieve shutter times of about 1 or 2 seconds while some areas were still lit up by the sun.

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