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Professional photographer Andy Mumford has released a great video on reasons why you should haul that telephoto lens around with you when taking pictures of landscapes.  Using his own amazing photos, Andy breaks down how a telephoto lens can enhance your landscape photography.

Throughout the video, Andy uses a wide-angle lens for comparison (the other popular lens for landscape), stating that wide angle lenses push everything away while giving the foreground a dominant aspect in the image.  A telephoto lens, on the other hand, brings the scene closer rather than pushing it away.  It creates a narrower field of view, resulting in a compressed perspective, causing the distance between subjects to become less distinguishable.  

“Particularly in an elevated location, somewhere with a lot of hills or mountains, telephoto lens will just give you a whole new perspective it opens a whole new ways of shooting and that’s why for me a telephoto lens is an absolutely essential piece of kit for landscape photography.”

If you don’t have time for the twenty minutes video, then here is a recap of the six reasons you should have a telephoto lens:

1. It Compresses The Perspective

The telephoto lens brings background and foreground together and emphasizes certain elements. You can fit much more in the frame, which will work better for particular scenes.

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