16 Practical Tips to Improve Your Low Light Photography

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Low Light Photography Tips and Guide

Photography is tricky business. You could learn all the right technical aspects needed to know exactly how to click a photo in the perfect angle and light, and still not get the perfect click. There are a few important tips and tricks you need to know in terms of getting that perfect click, both with your smartphone and your DSLR!

Since the festive season is approaching fast, we thought it would be a good idea to incorporate some low light photography tips and tricks to get that perfect shot. We’ll tell you everything, from how to do low light photography without flash, the right settings, and some insights from the experts.

Let’s begin!

For Your Smartphone:

1. Pay attention to the resolution

All smartphone users who see a good opportunity to click an attractive low-light photo, remember this: the higher the resolution, the more clarity and details you’ll get in your photographs. However, switching your aspect ratio could mean you’re cropping your images and lowering the effective resolution, so make sure you avoid that common error.

Many phones shoot with 16:9 aspect ratio by default to match the phone’s display, despite their sensors being 4:3. You can find your phone’s native aspect ratio by looking at which setting shows the most environment in the preview. It will also have the highest final resolution, to make your photo look appealing.

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