14 Composition Techniques that Will Instantly Improve Your Photos

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Step 7 – Contrast within the subject matter

When approaching your subject matter, consider it in context and how it relates to it’s surroundings. How do the colours, shapes, textures and tones of the main focal point compare to that of the surrounding area? If there is strong correlation, you may be able to work with that and highlight it within the image by using composition to merge the subject within it’s context. If the subject and surroundings vary greatly, then try using compositional techniques to enhance those differences.

Step 8 – Framing

Framing a subject effectively is the basis of strong composition. The natural inclination is to put the main focal point dead centre of the frame but that can often look odd and out of context. Try offsetting the focal point either to one side or in a corner of the image to see if you can create some context for the image. Having said this, it is often the case that portraits are most dramatic when the subject is centered. so it’s up to you to experiment, but don’t just make one decision about the framing and stick with it, explore your options.

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