14 Composition Techniques that Will Instantly Improve Your Photos

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Step 3 – Rule of thirds

One of the simplest rules of composition is the rule of thirds, which has become an extremely common tool for amateur and professional photographers. The method involves figureiding the frame into thirds, vertically and horizontally (so it actually becomes ninths), and then using those lines to effectively bisect your image, using the lines to section off areas of the image and using the nodes at which the lines cross as key areas for points of interest. This rule, although very simple, works extremely well when used effectively, for example, within a landscape shot, the horizon could cross the frame along the lower horizontal line, with the top of a mountain range crossing the upper horizontal line. Similarly, with a portrait shot, the eyes could be placed at the points at which the upper horizontal line bisects the two vertical lines.

Step 4 – Landscape Composition

Using composition effectively when working with landscapes is essential. The drama of a great landscape shot is based upon it’s composition and structure. Ask yourself what you want your shot to be about. Is it about the water, the mountains in the distance, the horizon, the sunset or the rocks in the foreground? Which elements do you want to emphasise within your shot? Using the rule of thirds, try to make sure there are layers within the image, ensure you have some foreground interest to add a sense of depth and scale within the image and that the main focal point of the shot is given priority.

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