14 Composition Techniques that Will Instantly Improve Your Photos

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Understanding composition is something that every photographer should take time to do. Without the need to invest in any expensive equipment, appreciating the elements of good composition will undoubtedly enhance your photographic work. Developing your photographic eye is something that comes naturally to some, but for others, it takes time and effort to hone you visual skills and abilities as a photographer. Here are a selection of hints and tips that will help you when considering the composition of your work.

If you have time, find an occasion to head out and practice some of these skills, and definitely try and keep these in mind next time your out on a shoot, it might make the difference between taking a good shot and a great shot.

Step 1 – Don’t try to be perfect

It’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ composition. As a subjective art form, you won’t ever reach a point at which you have achieved the perfect shot, but it is possible to have poorly and well composed photographs. There are many elements to the composition of a photograph, which I’ll detail as we go through, each acting as a simple guideline that will help you to take stronger and more engaging images.

Step 2 – Simplicity

One of the main things to consider is how the elements within the shot relate to each other and therefore what you include or leave out of the shot. There is often a temptation to fill a shot with any many points of interest as possible, but when composition is concerned, it’s better to be selective about what you include in the shot and execute with consideration. Some of the most dramatic photographs have very simple but effective composition, the eye is lead into the image and the viewer can engage with a clear and effective shot.

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