14 Camera Settings Every Beginner Needs to Know

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Virtually any DSLR or mirrorless camera you buy today comes with a bunch of options and settings, all designed to help you get some awesome pictures. Most of these cameras also have full automatic modes, but we never recommend them to anyone who wants to turn photography into a serious hobby or a job. With that said, there are 13 must know settings on your camera.

1. Setting the exposure using the histogram

The camera’s LCD screen might be a good way to tell if what you’re doing is right, but it’s not entirely reliable in conditions like harsh sunlight. The best way to tell if your exposure is correct is by consulting the histogram. Learn how to read it and make the necessary adjustments and until it indicates a proper exposure.

2. RAW

Most cameras produce high quality jpgs, yet they’re still no match for RAW files. The downside to the jpg format is that it’s a compressed file. Not all the information that should be there is present. Color, contrast and detail are all affected by this compression. To put simpler, shooting in RAW format will give you access to the full capabilities of your camera.

3. Selecting focusing points manually

Your camera has the option of selecting the autofocus points for you, but it can’t always anticipate correctly. That’s why learning to change the AF points manually is a useful skill. It will improve focusing accuracy and reduce chances of missing important shots.

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