10 Beginner Photography Tips and Camera Settings You Need to Know

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Metering Modes

Your camera has various metering modes that allow it to “read” the light under different circumstances.

But with names like evaluative, spot, partial, and center-weighted, it’s easy to understand why so many beginners aren’t sure what each mode does, let alone when to use them.

Each metering mode is a specialist at helping you get a well-exposed image depending on the situation.

By learning what each mode does and how to use it, you’ll have yet another way to take improved photos.

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to metering modes and explain the pros and cons of each.

Reading a Histogram

One of the most powerful tools in a photographer’s toolkit – the histogram – is also one of the most underutilized.

In a nutshell, the histogram gives you a graphical representation of the brightness levels or tones in an image. It’s a far more accurate method of judging the exposure than simply looking at your images on your camera’s LCD.

That means you get a highly accurate view of the image’s exposure levels so you know what needs to be changed to get a better-exposed photo.

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