10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Long Exposure

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Smooth Out Water

We’ve all seen images of the ocean that feature a beautifully smooth, silky blur. The technique that’s used to capture that silky-smooth effect is called “motion rendition,” and is achieved by using a slow shutter speed. Use a tripod, and a long exposure for blurred water – the longer your exposure, the more ‘velvety’ your water will be. Streams and rivers usually require shutter speeds of around 1/15 through 1 second for blurred effects, while the ocean will require slower speeds – usually between 5 and 30 seconds.

Ferris Wheels

Capturing a Ferris wheel in motion is one of the more popular uses of long exposure. To capture a moving Ferris wheel at night, set your camera to manual mode, and use a long exposure between 1 and 30 seconds – depending on the speed of the Ferris wheel, the lighting, and the style that you are looking for.

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